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Rumon Islam
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Course Description

This complete Microsoft Word 2010 training course from Infinite Skills provides over lessons on the program’s powerful everyday composition tools and extended range of functionality. Whether you’ve been using Word for years and are wanting to take your skills to the next level or you’re starting out with the program for the first time, these hands-on lessons will show you exactly what it takes to produce professional letters, documents and forms from start to finish. The Word tutorial videos begin by helping you learn where the program’s essential tools are: the ribbon, the toolbar, help and other handy options. The course then moves forward to cover editing text, formatting text, inserting images, performing mail merges, proofing, printing, and more. The expert instruction puts the creative process directly onscreen. Even complete beginners will find this powerful Word training easy to follow.

What You Will Learn

– How to create professional quality letters, manuals and presentation-ready documents with one of the world’s leading office productivity tools.
– How to manipulate and implement text and data within complex projects and workflows, including business letters, documentation and email campaigns.

– How to create fully compatible documents and projects that can be accessed by users working with Office products and common industry standards.

“I have to say the biggest thing this course did for me was save me time. I could already use Word at a basic level, but now I know more and can do the basic tasks five times faster.”

Who is the target audience?
  • This course has been designed for every one. If Never touched Microsoft Word before? Then you’ve found the right place.
  • If you’re intermediate or expert and want to freshen up on the fundamentals, no problem, come on in!! People from any country
  • People of all ages
What Will I Learn?
    • Introducing of Microsoft Word Save , save as and open the file Difference between close and exit , Format Painter , Bold , Italic and underline , Text Grow and Shrink
    • Font Styles and size , Applying Strikethrough , Change case and its types , Text Effects Subscript and Superscript , Text Highlight and font color

    • What is clipboard? Making different styles of your text , Paragraph Allignment Paragraph Bullets , Sort and Sorting , Decrease and increase indents

  • Show and Hide Symbols , Text Shading , Text Border Line and Paragraph spacing , What is Find? Replace , Select in Microsoft Word
  • Cover page , Blank page Insert Table , Page break Draw Table , Convert text to table Excel Spreadsheet , Quick Tables , Tables Formatting Insert Picture and Remove BG
  • Insert picture and adjust , Insert picture and styles , Insert Picture and Arrange , Insert picture size and crop Insert Clip Art , Insert shapes , Insert shapes and Edit


  • Introduction to course
  • Some Basic Tools of Microsoft Word
  • How to make Text styles? font size color etc etc
  • Paragraphs Allignments

About Instructor

  • Rumon Islam

    I am Rumon Islam From Bogura Bangladesh , I am Full Stack Web Developer & Trainer Cloudacademy BD


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